Steve (Bass/Guitar)

Born in Wembley, London May 1962. Moved to South Africa in 1966.

Steve picked up his first guitar aged 14 and, determined to be a part of his big brother’s band, “practiced till his fingers bled”, and performed his first gig on his 15th birthday with the band “Electric Fungus” in 1977. Steve continued performing original and cover songs with several “garage bands” throughout his highschool years discovering and interpreting the many genres of music the ’70’s had to offer, at the obvious expense of academia.

After a short post highschool misguided venture into the world of “Day job” Steve was offered a position as a junior musician with the “South African Police (SAP) Dance Band” possibly another misguided venture considering this was SA in the early 1980’s and the “SAP” weren’t exactly the most popular organisation at the time, not to mention the regulatory severe haircut.
After two invaluable years, of what could be considered a professional musician apprenticeship which brought about a few awards in “Battle of the Bands” competitions including a “Best up and coming muso” award, Steve could hear the calling of the open road of “Rock ‘n Roll. Answering this calling was, most definitely, the most misguided venture of them all but of course it did provide a wealth of experience, hardship and pure “rock ‘n roll” that has moulded the man into the musician he is today.

Steve appeared on the South African music scene as a professional musician in 1983 as Bass Player and Guitarist in several original and cover bands. He enjoyed reasonable success as the bass player with well known SA singer songwriter Neill Solomon and his band “The Passengers” with fellow members including ex Bay City Rollers, Stuart “Woody” Woods and Ian Mitchell, the most memorable part being “The Passengers” involvement in the SA leg of Bob Geldofs “Feed the World” campaign in 1985. Unfortunately he no longer has the T-shirt.

During the late 80’s and early 90’s Steve toured the SA music circuit extensively with several popular and successful acts including a two year contract at the international casino resort “Sun City” and in 1995 opened his own “showcase venue” called “Back Street” to promote local talent. During this time he co-formed SA folk rock band “Wooden Dog” which performed at popular venues and festivals across the country.

Sadly “Backstreet” was to become a victim of the fast and radically changing landscape of SA at the time and was forced to close in March of 1996.

Steve and the band moved to the UK in the mid 90’s and enjoyed a few years of success as a support and headline act at venues across London including support for “The Pat Travis Band” at “The Mean Fiddler” and headlining at “The Orange”.

In the early 2000’s Steve worked the pub circuit in London and the South East with his duo “Wotsup”.