Rich (Vocals)

Rich has always been involved in music & singing. Starting out in Drums & percussion from age 10. He was always in School Bands and then progressing to county big bands, brass bands & orchestras. He’s played some fantastic venues and worked with some great composers and musicians.

He moved into the band thing fairly late on and joined a few groups that didn’t really get off the ground including an original band called ‘Hooper’. But it wasn’t until mid 2000’s though that Rich was asked to pick up a bass guitar for a local covers band ‘Bad Dobby’. Rich, John & another guitarist were all in a Pink Floyd tribute act and when John & the guitarist left to set up a band, the only thing left, was the bass! Rich quickly picked up the 30 or so songs needed to get through the first gig and it was set in stone.. bass & vocals. Rich even picked up a guitar a few years later to take on the role of Billie Joe Armstrong in a Green Day tribute after such great feedback from Bad Dobby’s Green Day covers.

Moving on from that Rich left the bass as a main instrument to pick up more of the vocals and in The Velvets had taken on one of the main vocal roles, alongside a female vocalist. This then progressed into what you see now – Lodestone, where Rich will occasionally pick up a bass or a guitar and add a little more..