Olly (Guitar)
Northampton born in 1987 – the youngest! Currently living in Leicester.

Olly picked up the guitar at age 16. Hating music as a youngster in school, it was close enough to say it was his least favourite lesson. All of his school mates were in bands and performing and jamming together and he just didn’t understand the fascination!

That all changed when he got into 80’s hair metal with his mums influence. She was into Bon Jovi and took him to see them play at Milton Keynes bowl. After watching Richie Sambora he was obsessed with his music and wanted to play the guitar. He got into Guns ‘N Roses, Skid Row, Whitesnake and Hendrix. Slash and Hendrix then became his idols alongside Sambora. These days he’s still listens to anything guitar based with the likes of Joe Bonamassa, John Mayer, Clapton with more blues influences. He can’t go anywhere now without listening to music of some kind. It rules his life.

Olly taught himself to play on a fender squire acoustic. He would sit for hours learning basic open chords. It was about a year after he got his first electric. A fernandes revolver X, at 17-18 he played livin’ on a prayer, sweet child and all of those classic songs over and over again, practising and trying to improve his all round technique.

Olly joined his first band at 22. They were an originals band called ‘Currently Without Abode’. It set him up with good experience. When they all went their separate ways he was thirsty for more! He then set up ‘Dirty Monkee’ with an old friend. Recruited a drummer and vocalist and gigged for 2 years playing the local Leicester venues. Olly has had a few theory lessons with Steve and had singing lessons also for a part of 2016. This is the experience that has set me up for Lodestone.

Olly currently uses a Gibson Les Paul traditional 2015, with a back up Gibson Studio and a Fender goldtop copy. These are through a Marshall JCM2000 with a tubescreamer and a cry baby wah.